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Cloud Consultation

Our Cloud Consultancy Services provide tailored assessment and audit services to provide a dedicated solution as per your required business needs.

Cloud Migration

We offer hassle-free Cloud migration services to help you quickly move existing applications to the Cloud for greater scalability and cost savings.

Cloud Development

Folio3 Cloud Development Services help you develop Cloud Solutions to meet your business objectives while ensuring high performance, scalability, and security.

Managed DevOps

Through managed DevOps, we help build CI/CD pipelines to accelerate your Cloud initiatives while ensuring greater efficiency and robustness.

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Enabling Your Business Utilize The Real Value Of Cloud

Folio3 stands apart from other Cloud Solutions and Services providers because of its comprehensive range of services backed by a strong team of experienced professionals. Our expert knowledge and advanced technologies help businesses excel in the ever-changing digital landscape.

We are passionate about helping our customers succeed and ensuring that every solution we deliver is tailored for maximum benefit.

Easy Management

Folio3 Cloud Solutions and Services provides an easy-to-use platform that simplifies Cloud-based applications and services.


We offer world-class Cloud security to protect your data, applications, and infrastructure with advanced encryption algorithms and layered security protocols.

Cost savings

Folio3 Solutions and Services help you reduce costs by optimizing Cloud usage and leveraging Cloud technologies for better efficiency.

Cloud Partnerships

With our strong partnerships with leading Cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, and Huawei, we can help you find the best Cloud solutions for your business needs.

24/7/365 Support

Our experts provide around the clock support for Cloud Solutions and Services to ensure seamless operations for your business.


Bespoke Cloud Solutions and Services for Your Industry

With customizable Cloud and DevOps solutions and services, and we provide customized Cloud solutions for every industry.


Medical organizations require secure and reliable cloud solutions to store and process vast amounts of patient data collected from different devices. Our Cloud Solutions provide a connected, accessible, and collaborative environment for patients and clinicians that reduce costs and improve reliability.


In the changing education landscape, Cloud Solutions and Services provide a platform to deliver engaging learning experiences. Our Cloud Solutions and Services enable educators to promote student engagement through interactive technologies while providing secure access to data and applications across devices.


For the manufacturing sector, Cloud solutions and services help you optimize operations while slashing costs. Our team will provide the tools to manage data securely, monitor performance, and improve customer experience with the predictive analytics. You can count on us to ensure a smooth transition to the Cloud.


From local governments to federal administration, our Cloud Solutions and Services help you unlock the potential of a digital economy. Our services ensure secure data storage, efficient collaboration between government agencies, and simplified access control for sensitive information.


As the insurance sector continues shifting to digital, our Cloud solutions and services provide the infrastructure needed to transform your business operations. From data storage and analytics to automation of processes and compliance with regulations, we have the tools to help you succeed in the competitive market.


Insurance Folio3 cloud solutions and services help retailers gain a competitive advantage by providing the necessary infrastructure for their eCommerce initiatives. Our solutions are tailored to your needs, enabling you to optimize customer experience while enhancing loyalty and revenue growth.

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