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AI-driven Recommendation System for Ecommerce & Media Agencies


Folio3 helped implement a solution and provide consequent infrastructure management services for an AI-Driven Recommendations System, a machine learning-driven platform providing real-time personalized content recommendations to optimize and enhance user experience in the Ecommerce & Media/Entertainment industry. This was achieved through a Cloud-first approach through Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The Challenge - Real Time Data Visualization

Folio3 recognized the customer’s need for powerful infrastructure to accommodate real time data processing, that could:

The Solution - Cloud-based, flexible infrastructure

The Folio3 team proposed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as a Cloud-based solution that would allow usage of powerful advanced data analytics tools to achieve real time data processing and visualization.

Adopting a Cloud-first approach for the AI-Driven Recommendations System also allowed Folio3 to tackle these wider challenges:

Tools & Technologies Used

Infrastructure Stack