Summit K12, a US-based academic institution partnered with Folio3 to facilitate development of a digital solution to scale its processes exponentially. This problem was addressed by implementing a Cloud- based, scale-as-you-go infrastructure, tailored for maximum cost efficiency and data-driven outcomes.

The Challenge - Manage Millions of Users

The Solution - 100% Cloud-based, auto-scalable infrastructure

Folio3 conducted a technical audit of the system, which identified the need for App Modernization,
followed by further infrastructure optimization.

Based on this, Folio3 proposed an AWS Cloud-based, auto-scalable solution by leveraging EC2
Autoscaling by adding nodes and instances dynamically, allowing for exponential scaling to
accommodate growing user and database demands.

Furthermore, Folio3’s implementation of a cloud-based solution effectively addressed these broader

Technologies Used

Milestones & Achievements

15,000+ Concurrent Users

Folio3’s effective infrastructure management allowed for large volumes of users to access the system concurrently.

10+ 3rd Party Integrations

With integrations to 3P service providers for the system, the users can directly access information and updates.

Over 10M+ Active Users

75% increase in the active user base that Folio3’s auto scaling solution helped achieve.