Game Golf

A Cloud-based sporting experience for Golfers


Folio3 partnered up with Inpixon, an indoor intelligence platform, to create Game Golf, an AI-driven, assistive technology sports application for golfers to help improve their game. Most of this application was used in real-time with the help of hardware sensors, so a scalable and flexible infrastructure was of the utmost importance, instigating a cloud-based approach from day 1.

The Challenge - Ensure Scalability from Day 1

Folio3 recognized the customer’s need for a robust and flexible infrastructure which would accurately store and process large-scale data in realtime. This called for:

The Solution - Cloud-based MVP Launch, scalable and optimized from the very beginning

Folio3 proposed an Amazon EKS based, auto-scalable solution for easier, automated scaling based on the active user volume at any time, while also minimizing the need for manual intervention.

In addition to the above, adopting a Cloud-first approach for Game Golf also allowed Folio3 to tackle these wider challenges:

Tools & Technologies Used

Development Stack

Infrastructure Stack

Milestones & Achievements

Go to market

The legacy version of this application was not functional, as it involved challenging implementation. Folio3 was able to ensure that its a market-ready application, fully functional and garnering a large amount of daily active users.

Cost Optimization

With Folio3’s experience in effective Cloud infrastructure management, we were able to reduce monthly costs from $35,000 to $15,000 - a decrease of over 50%.