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What is a Well Architected Review?

The AWS Well-Architected Framework is the ultimate guide for businesses seeking to harness the full potential of cloud computing. It’s a strategic approach that empowers companies to design, build, and manage applications that stand at the pinnacle of performance, security, reliability, operational efficiency, and cost optimization within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem.

Operational Excellence

Streamline operations, respond swiftly, and refine procedures for efficient application management.


Protect data with strong controls, encryption, and threat detection to ensure robust system security.


Design for resilience, maintain availability during failures, and ensure consistent performance.

Performance Efficiency

Optimize resources and scale smartly for responsive and efficient application experiences.

Cost Optimization

Minimize expenses while maintaining quality through resource optimization and strategic cost management.


Ensure the ongoing health and stability of your Kubernetes infrastructure with proactive monitoring, patch management.


Why Choose Folio3 for a Well Architected Framework Review?

At Folio3, we are firmly committed to providing the best possible Kubernetes services for your business, so that your infrastructure knows no limits.



Your success is unique, so are our solutions. We tailor the framework to fit your business needs, ensuring precise outcomes.

Folio3 expert and efficient Kubernetes consulting services



With our certified professionals, your architecture evolves beyond expectations, setting you apart in the cloud landscape.

Customization with Folio3 Kubernetes consulting services.

02Proven Track Record

Trust our expertise; we've transformed businesses with our framework, delivering tangible results and satisfied clients.

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Stay ahead with an architecture primed for tomorrow. Our framework anticipates changes and enables agile innovation.

Industry Best Practices with Folio3 Kubernetes Consulting Services

05 Industry Best Practices

Scale the heights of excellence. Our framework integrates industry best practices, setting your architecture above the rest in the cloud landscape.

Agility with Folio3 Kubernetes Consulting Services.

06Dedicated Support

We're not just a service; we're your partners. Count on us for continuous support, ensuring your architecture's ongoing excellence.


What Do Clients Say About Folio3’s Cloud Computing Services?

At Folio3, we prioritize our customers above all else. Your success is our success.

Amazing Experience

With the invaluable support of Folio3, we have been able to expedite the introduction of crucial software functionalities to the market, as a result of which we have witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of customers signing up with us! Folio3’s expertise and assistance have been instrumental in fueling our growth and we look forward to continued collaboration.

Heather Donley

VP of Operations


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Case study

Easy Solutions For Your Business

We guarantee our commitment to you with tailored cloud managed services and round-the-clock support so that you can focus on what’s most important: scaling your business
The client is a multi-tenant learning management system based on moodle. Its main focus is to target students who are weak in English.
Issues in scalability, having already reached maximum instances. High usage of analytics and reporting. Needed to setup moodle for additional users
Folio3 shifted the solution from EC2-Autoscaling to AWS ECS along with CloudFormation for infrastructure automation. or databases, we earlier used Read Replica with a single writer – diverting all reporting queries to read instances and operations to write instances