The client is a privately held company that provides text and voice-based wireless alert and emergency management solutions catering to and providing emergency response, alarm management, mass notification, and business continuity. 

The company’s flagship product is a wireless alerting platform that pushes out alerts via multiple channels (Pager, SMS, Email, Voicemail, etc.) on all major cellular networks in the US, based on events generated by monitoring systems (typically indicating equipment failure or warnings).


The project is a multi-tenant text message delivering service used to deliver text messages to cell phones across the world with complete end-to-end interoperability via mobile carrier networks, allowing for confirmed message receipt. 

The project consists of applications for all major mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) along with multiple web applications and various other cloud services serving different purposes. The main problem is that deployment becomes extremely cumbersome when it involves multiple applications and services.


Folio3 helped in continuous delivery, build management, and release automation using the TeamCity server. Multiple release configurations are managed for each application and component, and a robust build versioning scheme was devised to keep a check on compatibility problems among various components. 

The solution was deployed for various customers including healthcare providers; our DevOps & Customer support teams continue to provide 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure maximum uptime and availability of services. Intuitive backups and recovery schemes had been employed for recovery in case of failures.

Technologies Involved in Case Study