Patient and Referral Data Platform for Healthcare Providers. One-stop, management and monitoring platform


Healthquest is a healthcare and wellness service provider with multiple streams of care
provision including pharmacies, home health providers, infusion centers etc.Folio3
developed a middleware dashboard for HealthQuest, automating business flows and
enhancing connectivity with EHR systems and referral portals to streamline patient referrals.


Solution & Benefits

Folio3’s suggested Cloud infrastructure for the HealthQuest project was designed to specifically address these cloud technology challenges and the unique pain points experienced by the HealthQuest team.

Tools & Technologies Used

Cloud Stack

Development Stack

Milestones & Achievements

Time Saved

Elimination of manual processes resulted in a significant increase in productivity, saving tens of hours previously spent on manual tasks.

Real-Time Collaboration Metrics

Achieved significant improvement in team collaboration efficiency through a cloud-based platform, allowing for instant access to real-time case status and progress tracking.

Efficient Processing

With a team of 40+ executives, HQ has managed to process more than 3000 referrals since its go live.