A multipurpose android app with end-to-end online payment management solutions.


Azampay is a Tanzanian digital commerce company that is developing a series of products in the East African market. It creates value with the use of tech-oriented business products and services that can benefit businesses and consumers across the region.  
The Project



Folio3’s Solution


Our experts proposed switching from a monolithic structure to a containerized, microservice based structure, splitting each business line into its own separate component and creating a modularized structure that separated each feature from the rest.


For payment transactions, multiple banks, telecommunication company APIs, and ERPs were integrated, each with a separate communication and security structure. Hence, developing the communication modules for each of these third-party services as microservices provided the flexibility to deploy them separately without affecting each other and on a relevant server.

Each service is represented as an isolated bounded context. It was then containerized using Docker and deployed using the Jenkins CI/CD pipeline automation. This has eased up the process to release updates for individual services while keeping the rest of the systems running.

Technologies Involved in Case Study